What this story is about
Which companies are most vulnerable to cyberthreats? Any medium-sized business: retail, marketplaces, fintech, telecom, pharma, hospitality etc. So what if your company was under attack? Just sit back and imagine this story unfold...

Thanks to a user-friendly application, well-established delivery system and a wide range of products, a «one-of-many» online smartphone store has become a leading consumer electronics retailer. But is the internal IT infrastructure of this growing company with over 250 permanent employees ideally configured? And what if cyberthreats are waiting where the staff aren’t ready for them?

In this interactive video, you can get a unique experience of observing the deployment, investigation and response to an attack by the company’s IT security department. You’ll also get to make vital decisions with the game’s main character and see where the results take you. So get ready and enjoy the game!
Gabriel Futuro,
the newbie
He knows what’s «right» and ready to actively offer ideas for implementation
It’s Gabriel Futuro’s first day at the consumer electronics company Smart Yard Electronics.

After graduating from University, Gabriel became a geeky IT security guy, doing security as a hobby and a job alongside his studies. For sports, he participated in a couple of IT Olympiads, made best friends there, and is well-oriented with the professional community.

After several interviews, he received a job offer from the country’s top consumer electronics retailer. Our hero is ready to bring the latest trends in cybersecurity with him and integrate new ideas into the work.
Ben Coleman,
IT team boss
«Tired of routine and firefighting»
Ben Coleman has worked in the company since its foundation. Having started as an ordinary IT specialist, he took a couple of guys into his team to support the infrastructure and work efficiency. He then requalified in security and... got bogged down in internal and external protocols, paperwork and training.

It sounds like a cliché, but growth of the business does indeed carry with it changes in risks and responsibilities. This IT boss has long been more of a manager than an IT specialist. Ben has no time to read investigations about the latest attacks by ciphers; he simply makes sure that antiviruses are patched and the «machines» of remote workers are correctly configured and have up-to-date access rights.
Simon Davis,
«He trusts the IT team but isn’t ready to spend extra money unnecessarily»
Many years ago, Smart Yard Electronics was created by Simon Davis’s father. Then very quickly, Simon, who wasn’t about electronics but about management, grew a local business to first place in the country.

Simon is used to trusting his team, and ready to listen to arguments in favor of necessary infrastructure spending. He therefore happily accepted the suggestion to strengthen the team with a dedicated IT security specialist to support Ben Coleman, the IT team boss, with extra hands.

Davis believes IT security should keep the business up and running and also ensure growth and development.
Robin Gretzky,
Futuro’s best friend from University
She’s always ready to listen and give a «special opinion» because she’s a good IT security person
Our heroes met at University and participated in IT Olympiads together. Robin is well versed in cybersecurity and knows how to build contact with people, so conversations with her allow Gabriel not only to discuss the latest news from the profession, but also to advance his ideas and better communicate with colleagues at his new place of work. Her guidance will also help drive the plot in the right direction.