Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Optimum helps you build true defense-in-depth against complex contemporary threats without any additional overheads.
Combining an easy-to-use, highly automated detection and response toolkit with the unequalled endpoint protection capabilities and advanced detection in a single unified solution provides highly effective and efficient security for your endpoints.
image Full incident visibility
Full incident visibility
360 degree at-a-glance visibility of endpoint security alerts means the complete breadth and depth of complex incidents can be understood, and the threat fully dealt with. Mitigate the risk of a threat lingering unnoticed on an endpoint, where it could still cause damage.
image Simplified root cause analysis
Simplified root cause analysis
Functionality including attack spread-path visualization, alert data enrichment and automatic scanning for imported or generated IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), together providing the security officer with all the capabilities needed to conduct straightforward investigations and incident analysis.
image Swift, highly automated response
Swift, highly automated response
Set up automated response options to be performed during IoC scans, or call on a range of single-click response options including isolation and scanning of hosts, quarantining files and preventing file execution.
image Straightforward, centralized administration
Straightforward, centralized administration
Endpoint protection, detection and response tasks are managed together through simple controls in the single-pane-of-glass console in cloud or on-premises. A streamlined workflow, no additional overheads and automation features means incidents are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, while saving your cybersecurity staff time and effort.
The result is a unified, highly efficient and automated tool, allowing you to not just stay protected against today’s complex, evasive and unknown threats, but to actually boost your cybersecurity efficiency along the way.