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Poseidon — a custom-tailored malware boutique unveiled at #theSAS2016

The Poseidon’s Domain

At The SAS 2016, Kaspersky Lab researchers discussed the newly discovered Poseidon Group. A custom APT boutique chasing commercially valuable data

Windows merge: so what about security, after all?

As a security vendor, we at Kaspersky Lab have to foresee possible problems stemming from essentially good things. Serious transformations in the software market bring both new advantages, but also new problems and challenges, to which we need to pay attention.

5 Myths of Antivirus

Free antivirus programs offer basic protections, but in order to be protected against phishing attacks that can steal your personal and financial data you need an Internet browser security program.

Spring Clean Your PC

Spring is when we reboot our life cycles, paring down and cleaning up our lives in anticipation of bigger, better things to come with warmer weather – and there’s no