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With the doors wide open: yet another Sony megahack

Sony Pictures Entertainment fell victim to a massive hack. Attackers used destructive malware to bring SPE networks down, while stealing up to 11 TB of data, which included both trade secrets, yellow press fodder, passwords to social networks accounts, and a lot of private information.

How a Linux bug may affect Windows-based infrastructure

The recent developments with “big bugs” such as Heartbleed and Shellshock created a global security strain, with many questions emerging. Both bugs were open-source software-related, but indirectly they would constitute a threat to Windows-based infrastructure. In this post we review a few scenarios of an attack on mostly Windows-based network with Linux servers at certain points.

Good Gets Better: KIS 2015

Like it or not, your children are going to be on the web. Kaspersky’s award-winning parental controls let you monitor their activity and block them from any sites that you choose.