One dollar lesson: defend your buck from online fraud

One dollar lesson is a new interactive project by Kaspersky Lab that aims to help you stay protected from online money frauds. Learn three simple lessons right now! - defend your buck!

For a regular user like you and me it’s hard to imagine the entire path online payment transactions take, and all obstacles that may appear along that path. In fact, we do not need to know how a payment is processed (although it’s interesting), but to stay protected we do need to know what can go wrong. - defend your buck!

That’s the reason Kaspersky Lab experts have designed an interactive and spectacular web-project called ‘One dollar lesson‘. - defend your buck!

The ‘One dollar lesson’ will take you on a virtual journey that starts at three possible locations: a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, and goes through the endless spaces of the world wide web to the destination point — a bank server. The creative graphical content goes hand-in-hand with information about the different tricks and methods fraudsters use to steal your money and banking credentials. - defend your buck!

A dollar is your guide and vehicle in this virtual reality – depending on the situation it shifts from an airliner to a fighter aircraft. - defend your buck!

There are three stories you can trace: sending money to a charity in need, transferring money from one account to another, and shopping online. In each case, you’ll see different scenarios. Every one dollar payment will face numerous obstacles like phishing, trojan apps, brute force methods that aim to hack weak passwords, etc. All these risks are shown figuratively. Fortunately, there are ‘good green guys’ in this world who save our dollar and help it reach the destination point. - defend your buck!

Each episode is accompanied by a brief description of the threat and supported by statistical data. The informational background behind the project is powerful. You’ll find statistics from numerous research conducted by Kaspersky Lab experts. For example, data from Kaspersky Security Bulletin and other sources – some are not even publicly available.


Last, but not least, what’s the fun without a little bonus? If you study all three lessons of the one dollar you’ll be awarded with a free three-month trial of Kaspersky Total Security — a flagship security solution which works with numerous OSs and devices. If you haven’t yet given it a try, now is the perfect time to do it. - defend your buck!