Global Think Test Has Crowned a Champion

KL and Mensa have announced the first champion of the Global Think Test challenge.

After a month of brain-training and puzzle solving, KL and Mensa have announced the winner of the Global Think Test challenge. Congratulations are in order for Dr. Swetha P. Jain from Chennai, India. She got the highest score in the shortest time and became the first Kaspersky Global Think Test Champion.

Congratulations to the #GTT winner, Dr. Swetha Jain from India!

Swetha, along with more than 35,000 other participants from around the world, honed their skills in the Brain Training Zone throughout August in order to prepare for the big day on September 6, in hopes to win the grand prize of $25,000.

Not only is Dr. Jain the GTT Champion, she is also very busy in her personal life as she is pursuing a Master of Science in Gynecology, and she plans to use the winnings to fund research on In Vitro Fertilization.


When asked why she took the Global Think Test, Dr. Jain said, “I have enjoyed solving puzzles since childhood, and I found these brainteasers challenging and interesting. I still can’t believe I am the Global Think Test Champion!” Her years of puzzle-solving has paid off.

“Well done to Swetha, I hope she can use the prize to good advantage. The Global Think Test was an opportunity for those who engage every day in puzzles, games and brainteasers to get the chance to be rewarded for their problem solving abilities,” said Michael Freenan, Executive Director at Mensa International.

“The online world requires us to stay in control and be alert to recognize threats wherever we encounter them.”

“This initiative was developed in partnership with Mensa to remind participants of the importance of attention to detail. The online world requires us to stay in control and be alert to recognize threats wherever we encounter them. Today we are happy to announce the winner of the Global Think Test. We hope that the skills developed during the challenge represent a positive input into the digital risk literacy of every participant in the Kaspersky Global Think Test,” said Alexander Erofeev, Chief Marketing Officer at Kaspersky Lab.

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Global Think Test! You can find more information about the Global Think Test on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and with the hashtag #GTT.

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