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DDoS in Q2, 2015: evolving trends

Kaspersky Lab has just released its Q2 report on DDoS activities on the Web, showing that this part of the global threat landscape is extremely volatile and permanently evolving.

Welcoming Windows 10: A monster patch

Windows 10 was launched to general availability on July 29th. The feedback so far is mixed, which isn’t unusual with new versions of Windows. Some say it’s the best Windows since XP, some call for caution. Security-wise and business-wise it looks promising.

Hacking my car, remotely this time

It’s up to the manufacturers to change the approach to designing modern hi-tech equipment. As we have written before, security should come first. It must be taken in account at the design level, not added later.

A problem of exploits

Exploits are a subset of malware, but they are not always detectable by security software if it doesn’t employ behavior analysis. In fact, it’s the only good way to beat exploits. Malware programs may be plentiful and varied, but most of them have similar behavioral patterns.