Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac: a new version is available

Kaspersky Lab has just released a new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac, specifically for Mac-savvy businesses.

Kaspersky Lab has just released a new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac, specifically for Mac-savvy businesses. As noted in a press release, this is done in order “to address modern heterogeneous environment cybersecurity trends and threats”.

The solution will be available as part of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business suite, which can be managed from a single console – Kaspersky Security Center.

Apple’s products have a reputation of being more secure than those of its main competitors, both in PC and mobile markets. While this reputation is actually substantiated, Apple’s software also has its share of vulnerabilities, as well as malware. The relatively slim share of Mac on the PC market (6% currently) is growing, however, and so does the number of malware targeting Macs.

Another common trend today is the wide spread of heterogeneous networks within mid-sized businesses and enterprises. Those comprise the variety of platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual environments. This makes it difficult to protect the IT environment and business data. And a decentralized approach makes the job of securing IT assets and business data even harder.

Mac security

This is a topic that we’ve addressed a few times before. As Mac’s popularity grows, so does the attention of malware writers and attackers.

Botnets such as Flashfake, large malware families such as Wirelurker, a working DLL hijacking attack, Darwin Nuke bug – all of these took place in the last three years. Also, six APT campaigns are reported to target Mac OS X platform among others, with three of them still active.

In other words, there are cybersecurity issues that Mac users – and especially businesses – are advised to consider even though, again, Apple does a lot to improve its systems’ security.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac

The new Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac has been created for heterogeneous IT environments to repel various kinds of threats, and not only the Mac-specific ones. The features in the new version of the suite offer Mac owners a host of new security benefits.

Integration with Kaspersky Lab’s Kaspersky Security Network allows businesses to take advantage of cloud-enabled security intelligence for the quick identification of malware and other suspicious activity.

There is also the Network Attack Blocker component which monitors suspicious activity on company networks and lets a company’s IT specialists pre-define how their systems will respond if any suspicious behavior is detected. The main purpose of the Network Attack Blocker is to block network attacks including port scanning, denial-of-service attacks, buffer-overrun attacks, and other remote malicious actions taken against programs and services working on the network.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is now complemented with Web Protection and Anti-phishing technology. This component scans all incoming and outgoing traffic, blocks harmful scripts without impacting system resources, and helps partners to confront cybercriminals who are trying to access private and financial information through fake – i.e. phishing – sites. The result is an increase in the overall levels of protection from Mac-specific threats.

To learn more about Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac please visit here.