Universal Security

Easily protect your PCs & laptops, Macs, smartphones and Android tablets
– with one flexible security solution
1 Year
5 Devices

Universal Security in a Multi-Device World

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It’s more and more common to have several digital devices – and they all need protection against cybercrime. Now, Kaspersky ONE makes multi-device security easier than ever. With just one licence, you can easily protect any combination of your PCs & laptops, Macs, Android tablets and smartphones.

For example, with a 5-device Kaspersky ONE licence you can protect:

It's up to you! Kaspersky ONE lets you match your security to your needs.


You know your PC
needs protection –
so get the best.

Bank, shop, surf, and socialize online knowing you’re safe from all existing and emerging threats.


Laptops are at risk from
unsecured Wi-Fi

Comprehensive protection technologies constantly monitor all incoming web traffic so you are protected even on the go.


Mobile is the new
hotspot for malware

You face the same vulnerabilities on your smartphone as you do on your PC, so you should protect it just as carefully. Find, block or wipe your missing phone.


The growing popularity of Macintosh computers makes them an attractive target for malware.

But even if your Mac isn’t targeted, you can still pass viruses along to your family, friends, and colleagues who use PCs.


You can download an app in an instant, but you can just as easily download a virus with it.

Protect your tablet with real-time scanning and frequent over-the-air updates.


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