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About our Partner

Cloud-based Security is the best choice to protect any user on any device, anywhere. Spamina provides Cloud-Based Security addressing Email Filtering as well as Web Filtering through datacenters present in 18 different countries and offers seamless protection with over 100 nodes available across the globe. Datacenters are located in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, etc., which offers you a with high level of reliability wherever you are. The scale of our cloud network is key, but just as important is the confidentiality of your data. To ensure this, we carry out extensive security testing that our infrastructure provides full and secure protection.

When it comes to Email Filtering we have developed a cloud that is global but operates only locally to make it fully compliant with local regulations. For Web filtering, we make use of our extensive cloud infrastructure so each web request follow our users wherever they are and with multiple levels of redundancy. This provides near zero latency and delivers an immediate response that other appliance-based security vendors cannot match.

Spamina Global Cloud is the most popular and effective way for organisations to acquire enterprise-class security coverage but without the need to invest in additional hardware, administration and IT expertise.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

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