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26 May   Spam News

"No law in itself is able to prevent the distribution of spam," states Kaspersky Lab expert

Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of the analytical article 'Spam and the Law' by Darya Gudkova, Head of Content Analysis & Research. The article analyses legal methods of fighting spam.

20 May   Virus News

Twitter becomes an attractive target for cybercriminals

Kaspersky Lab alerts users to the emergence of a hacker tool called TwitterNET Builder, which can be used to form botnets that are controlled via Twitter

19 May   Events Calendar

Kaspersky Lab to hold European Round of the Conference for Young Professionals

"IT Security for the Next Generation"

19 May   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Announces an Update of its Security Solution for Small Businesses

Kaspersky Lab announces the update of its security solution for small businesses, Kaspersky Small Office Security

18 May   Business News

Keep your digital life safe, warns Kaspersky Lab at the World Information Society Day

Today is World Information Society Day, which aims to raise global awareness of societal changes brought about by the Internet and new technologies

14 May   Product news

Kaspersky Open Space Security R2 named winner of the Platinum Brand Award

Kaspersky Lab announces that Kaspersky Open Space Security R2 has been awarded the Platinum Brand Award for business security software by Hong Kong's PC3 and PC3 Corporate magazines

12 May   Product news

Kaspersky Lab successfully patents technology for combating graphics-based spam

Kaspersky Lab announces the successful patenting of advanced technology capable of identifying spam in raster images

12 May   Business News

Kaspersky Lab named Best Network Security Software in Hi-Tech Weekly's Best of the Best Awards

Kaspersky Lab announces that it has won the Best Network Security Software title at the Best of the Best Awards held by Hi-Tech Weekly in Hong Kong

12 May   Spam News

Facebook ranks fourth in the Top 10 most popular phishing targets in the first quarter of 2010

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, has released its latest report on the evolution of spam for the first quarter of 2010 compiled by company experts Darya Gudkova, Elena Bondarenko and Maria Namestnikova.

07 May   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Reports Almost Half Of Digital Pollution On The Internet Originates From China, USA and Russian Federation

Kaspersky Lab today reports that the USA, China and the Russian Federation contributed 49% of all web-based threats reported in April 2010. The results were as follows...

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