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15 May   Press Releases

Kaspersky Lab offers free guide to staying safe online in the wake of the latest Facebook phishing attack

Kaspersky Lab releases free ‘Your Guide To Stopping Cybercrime’ guide as Facebook - now the UK's most popular website - is targeted by Cybercriminals in a new phishing attack.

15 May   Business News

Kaspersky Lab patents technology for safeguarding data integrity

Kaspersky Lab announce that a "very significant invention" - which allows quick and reliable tracking of file modifications, triggering antivirus scans to prevent execution of malicious code - has been patented in the US.

13 May   Business News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus’ share of the Spanish market exceeds 50%

Analytical research conducted in Spain by GfK Retail & Technology in March 2009 shows that Kaspersky Lab products once again came top of antivirus program sales in the Spanish market.

08 May   Product news

Kaspersky Lab patents cutting-edge heuristic analysis technology

Kaspersky lab successfully patents its new heuristic analysis technology, which enables a security rating to be assigned to software based on its behavior during emulation.

08 May   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab implements detection and treatment for unique MBR rootkit

Kaspersky Lab is one of the first major antivirus vendors to incorporate both detection and successful treatment for the new Sinowal modification in its personal antivirus solutions.

07 May   Virus News

One billion social networkers this year exposed to Cybercrime Kuwait ICT delegates hear

Stefan Tanase, a Kaspersky Lab expert, says that in 2009 one billion people face the real threat of cybercrime through social networking and, increasingly, through their mobile devices.

04 May   Virus News

Monthly Malware Statistics: April 2009

Two Top Twenties have been compiled from data generated by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) throughout April 2009.

01 May   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Is Ready to Offer Comprehensive IT Security with Windows 7

Positive feedback regarding speed, reliability and stability protection with Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.

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