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29 Jul   Product news

Kaspersky Lab presents new generation protection for PDAs

Kaspersky® Security for PDA 5.0 now on saleKaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, announces that the commercial version of Kaspersky® Security for PDA 5.0 is now on sale. The solution is part of the 5.0 product line.Kaspersky Security for PDA is a unique combination of technologies developed to protect data saved on PDAs. The product provides comprehensive protection for PDAs running Pocket PC and Palm OS, the most popular operating systems. In addition to this, the program makes it possible for the user to control access to stored data.The solution is built around Kaspersky Anti-Virus, optimised for PocketPC and Palm OS. Kaspersky Anti-Virus reliably monitors all possible infection vectors, which the scanner checks data storage locations such as main memory and memory extension cards. Effective protection is ensured by automatic updating of the antivirus databases, assuring that data remains safe from even the most recent viruses.One important function of Kaspersky Security for PDA is the ability to encrypt data, which protects the device from unsanctioned access. Hidden files can be created on the PocketPC, and all information in these files will be encrypted, with access protected by a password. This function is slightly different for Palm OS: the

28 Jul   Product news

Kaspersky Lab presents a new generation of anti-spam products

Kaspersky Labs presents new products specially developed to filter unsolicited correspondence in corporate networks and at ISP level.

27 Jul   Virus News

Mydoom.m: search engines suffer along with users

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer, has detected Mydoom.m, a new version of I-Worm.Mydoom. This malicious program spreads via the Internet as an attachment to infected messages. However, this latest addition to the Mydoom family uses a unique propagation technique which caused several well known search engines - Google, Yahoo!, Lycos and AltaVista - to malfunction.Mydoom.m is activated when a user opens an attachment to an infected message. The worm installs itself to the system, and then propagates by scanning files on the victim machine. It sends a copy of itself to all email addresses which it finds. It then sends a search request to Google, Yahoo!, Lycos and AltaVista, analyses the data it receives and sends itself to email addresses contained in the search results. The large number of requests generated by machines infected by Mydoom.m led to disruptions in the service provided by these search engines.Mydoom.m didn't only cause search engines to malfunction; its main malicious payload is a backdoor function. Once the worm has penetrated the victim machine, it opens a port to receive remote commands. Virus writers will then have full control over the infected machine, and will be able to delete or modify

20 Jul   Business News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus integrated into Austrian firewalls from eSys

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security software developer, has signed an agreement with the Austrian company eSys. A special OEM-version of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Linux will be integrated into the Gibraltar line of firewalls...

17 Jul   Virus News

Duts shows viruses for Windows Mobile a reality

Kaspersky Labs has detected Duts, the first virus for Windows Mobile.

15 Jul   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Online for Success

C-Medie Interactive will be distributing Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal products on-line to UK reseller base.

02 Jul   Virus News

Virus Top Twenty for June 2004

Kaspersky Lab presents the Top Twenty for June 2004 Position Change in position Name Percentage by occurrence 1 new I-Worm.Zafi.b 33.97% 2 -1 I-Worm.Netsky.aa 18.44% 3 -1 I-Worm.Netsky.b...

01 Jul   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 successful in France

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 5.0 received high marks in the July issue of PC Direct, a French IT publication.

01 Jul   Product news

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows File Servers now in beta-testing

Kaspersky Labs announces the start of open beta-testing of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows File Servers.

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