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29 Sep   Product news

A Free Migration Programme For RAV Users

<i>Kasperksy Labs invites all RAV users to take advantage of this offer now</i>

26 Sep   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Takes Advantage Of The Recent Microsoft Acquisition

Former RAV Unix/Linux Development Team Members Join Kaspersky Labs

25 Sep   Virus News

U.S. State Department Blames The Welchia Virus

After the shock and horror of September 11, 2001 the U.S.A. decided to fortify its borders with the passage of the Patriot Act. One aspect of the Patriot Act was to upgrade the State Department's Consular Lookout and Support System (CLASS), which contains more than 12.8 million records from the...

24 Sep   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Strengthens Its Anti-Spam Weapon

Introducing the new version of Kaspersky&reg; Anti-Spam Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security expert, announces the commercial release of the new version of its popular software designed to defend against undesired email correspondence - Kaspersky&reg; Anti-Spam 1.5. Kaspersky&reg;...

18 Sep   Virus News


Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security expert, announces the detection of the network worm, I-Worm.Swen. This malicious program spreads via email, the Kazaa file sharing network and IRC channels. Infected messages appear to have been sent from various Microsoft services, including, MS...

16 Sep   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Opens A Representative Office in Tokyo

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security expert is pleased to announce the further expansion of its international presence with the opening of a new local office in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese information security market is the second largest in the world, valued at 500 million USD....

10 Sep   Business News

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Presses Forward In Germany

In October of this year, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for home users will be available on store shelves in Germany. Kaspersky Labs, a leading expert in information security, has reached an agreement with KOCH Media, a top software distributor operating on the German retail market. The deal...

09 Sep   Business News

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Protects Corporate America

Kaspersky&reg; Anti-Virus is integrated into the ProtectPoint Firewall

01 Sep   Virus News

The Virus Top Twenty - August 2003

Kaspersky Labs presents the Virus Top 20 for the month of August 2003.

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