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28 Jan   Virus News

Not Everything Starting with "www" and Ending in ".com" Is a Web Site

The Internet worm "Myparty" poses as a Web-site link

23 Jan   Business News

Kaspersky Lab and Ernst & Young Combine Forces

The two companies announce their strategic partnership

17 Jan   Product news

Meet Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 4.0!

Kaspersky Labs releases the latest version of its popular anti-virus suite

14 Jan   Virus News

.NET Technology is Still in Development, but a Virus Already Exists

The first virus infecting .NET has been detected

11 Jan   Business News

The Latest Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Cumulative Database Update Has Been Released

Kaspersky Labs announces the release of the latest update to the Kaspersky Anti-Virus database, offering a new line of features, amongst which are: The world's first-embedded, second-generation heuristic analyzer that searches for unknown network worms written in Visual Basic; Added feature...

08 Jan   Virus News

Macromedia Shockwave - The Latest Computer-Virus Victim

The first malicious program infecting SWF files has been detected Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, reports the detection of a virus, SWScript.LFM, which is the first malicious program that infects the popular multimedia format, Macromedia Shockwave. Macromedia...

07 Jan   Virus News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus: 100% Protection

The international computer magazine SC Magazine recommends Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange 2000 Server SC Magazine (, one of the most well respected computer magazines specializing in problems concerning information safety, conducted a test involving Kaspersky Anti-Virus for...

02 Jan   Virus News

September - December Top Ten 2001

position virus percentage by occurrence 1 I-Worm.BadtransII 40.8% 2 I-Worm.Sircam 15.6% 3 I-Worm.Hybris 6.4% 4 I-Worm.Aliz 3.1% 5 I-Worm.Nimda 2.7% 6 I-Worm.Magistr 2.3% 7 Trojan.PSW.GIP 2.0% 8 I-Worm.Happytime 0.5% 9 JS.Trojan.Seeker 0.4% 10 I-Worm.Klez 0.3%

02 Jan   Virus News

The Virus Top Twenty for December 2001

The latest monthly installment of the Kaspersky Virus Top 20 is here. To find out more details about each virus, simply click on the links below.

01 Jan   Virus News

Free Update Thwarting Klez.e

In connection with the numerous instances of infection caused by the latest modification of the Internet worm Klez (Klez.e), Kaspersky Lab has developed a free utility for detecting and deleting this malicious program. Upon starting-up this utility, Kaspersky Lab recommends closing all user applications. After the computer has been rebooted, an anti-virus scanner should be used and all remaining infected files should be deleted. We also recommend not using e-mail preview options during this epidemic. You can download the CLRAV utility here.

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