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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac offers easily-deployed and managed anti-malware protection for endpoints running Mac OS X operating system on your corporate network and beyond from every kind of modern and future IT security threats for long-term reassurance.

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  • Strong, reliable protection
  • A completely new anti-virus engine and improved Heuristic Analyzer mean Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac offers strong, reliable protection against both known and new types of malware.

  • New, powerful anti-virus engine

    Our new anti-virus engine offers powerful protection against malware and other IT security threats to prevent virus epidemics and keep corporate files, data and digital communications safe, secure and fully accessible.

  • Fast, unobtrusive scanning

    Files are scanned in real time as they are opened, copied, run and saved to detect and neutralize threats before they can penetrate your corporate infrastructure and do any harm. Proactive Heuristic Analyzer Engine increases threat detection rates with on-demand scanning by schedule or upon request.

  • Frequent updates

    Regular and emergency updates are delivered automatically to ensure a consistently high malware detection rate to protect your corporate infrastructure.

  • Optimized performance
  • The application delivers award-winning levels of security while consuming less than 1% of the processor’s available resources during on-access scanning, according to Kaspersky Lab test results.

  • Kaspersky Lab’s intelligent iSwift scanning technology

    The intelligent iSwift technology in the application ensures that multiple re-scanning of frequently-accessed files is avoided, thanks to a proprietary algorithm that calculates the next scanning time for every file, significantly increasing overall product performance.

  • Optimized CPU usage

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac keeps system resource usage, including СPU, disk usage and disk I/O to a minimum.

  • Centralized administration
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac is fully supported by the Kaspersky Security Center, a centralized management tool, which allows remote deployment and updates, supports group tasks and policies as well as mobile user policies, report generation and more.

  • Remote deployment

    The application can be installed and removed remotely by system administrators.

  • Protection management

    Administrators can use the Kaspersky Security Center to configure and manage protection of Mac endpoints, both individually and as part of a group.

  • Automatic updating

    Updates to antivirus databases and application modules are available on demand or automatically according to a set schedule. System administrators can now use the administration server as an update source and Network Agent as a transport.

  • Support for centralized quarantine and backup storages

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac doesn’t just quarantine infected files. It also provides information to your centralized administration server storages. This allows security administrators to manage incidents directly from Kaspersky Security Center and perform the actions required to solve the problem.

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