25 Apr   Corporate News, Product news

Kaspersky Lab Dynamic Whitelist technology gets ‘Approved Whitelisting Service’ certificate from AV-TEST

Kaspersky Lab Dynamic Whitelist technology showed high levels of quality, speed and reliability when scrutinized by AV-TEST

24 Apr   Press Releases, Product news

30% of companies worldwide don’t use client management tools

According to the results of research conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab in November 2012, 30% of companies worldwide don’t use modern automated client management tools. In other words, a large number of companies still inventory software and hardware, manage software licenses, and update operating systems and applications without the help of dedicated solutions that can greatly simplify and accelerate these operations.

16 Apr   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Presents World’s First Anti-Malware Product for UEFI

The new solution prevents stealth malware code execution in UEFI-enabled computers

10 Apr   Press Releases, Product news

Kaspersky Security Scan finds malware that other AVs miss

Kaspersky Lab advises users of other vendors’ solutions to run an extra scan on their computers

04 Apr   Product news

Kaspersky Lab patents advanced method to accelerate operating system emulation

The data architecture described in the patent significantly reduces the time required to create a virtual environment and to analyze the behavior of malware in that environment

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