Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server receives highest VBSpam+ award from the independent experts at Virus Bulletin

06 Feb 2013
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Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server detected an outstanding 99.83% of spam messages without a single false positive in recent comparative testing of corporate solutions and received the highest VBSpam+ award from the experts at Virus Bulletin.

Quick Facts

  • Virus Bulletin tested 21 corporate anti-spam solutions, including Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server, in January 2013
  • The solutions scanned 65,000 spam emails and over 9,000 legitimate messages
  • During testing the Kaspersky Lab product blocked 99.83% of spam emails without generating a single false positive
  • Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server was awarded the highest VBSpam+ award

How the test was performed

A total of 21 corporate solutions participated in Virus Bulletin’s first test of 2013, including four cloud services. Virus Bulletin used almost 65,000 unwanted emails gathered from the Project Honey Pot and Spamfeed.me web services. In addition, the experts collected over 9,000 legitimate emails to check for false positives generated by the corporate solutions.

This collection of mail traffic was sent to mail servers running under CentOS 6.3, Ubuntu 11 or Windows Server 2003/2008, depending on the recommendations of the anti-spam solutions’ developers. The solutions participating in the test had to recognize unwanted correspondence in real time and separate it from the legitimate emails.

Test results

During testing Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server (previously known as Kaspersky Linux Mail Security 8.0) demonstrated a high level of protection, blocking 99.83% of the spam messages. However, the Kaspersky Lab product’s main achievement was successfully passing the false positives test: all 9,000 legitimate emails that Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server scanned reached their intended recipient. This outstanding result was noted by the independent experts of Virus Bulletin who awarded the solution the highest VBSpam+ prize.


Evgeny Smirnov, Anti-Spam Technologies Development Group Manager
Kaspersky Lab

"The result demonstrated by Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server is evidence of just how highly efficient Kaspersky Lab’s anti-spam technologies are. It’s worth mentioning specifically the absence of false positives during testing of the Kaspersky Lab product. This is very important for certain users and for a company in general, as a single critical email deleted by the spam filter could cause serious problems. The test results show we have successfully dealt with this problem while maintaining a high level of spam detection."

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