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26 Mar 2012
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When it comes to the security of your family’s home computers, it’s clear that maximum protection is the one to go for. With the threat landscape continually evolving and getting scarier by the day, only the very best should do in terms of security. And the very best, quite simply, is Kaspersky PURE 2.0, delivering ultimate PC protection for your home, combining everything you need to ensure the security of your PCs, identities, passwords and photos, to protect your children when they are online, and much more besides. At the same time, it’s incredibly simple to use, and allows you to centrally manage the security of every PC in your home - all from a single PC. So what goes into making the best-of-the-best – the ultimate – product from world-leading security developer Kaspersky Lab? Pop the hood, let’s have a look…

But just one more thing before checking out the plethora of maximum security features: It’s possible you might ask: “Why ‘PURE’?” Well, as you’ll find out below, it’s purely (!) because it provides users – particularly families, and especially their minor members – with a PURE Internet experience, on PURE home computers - free of viruses and malware, and protected from all other – mainly Internet-originating – risks that could potentially contaminate those home computers.

The Ultimate in Core Protection

Kaspersky PURE 2.0 provides the ultimate award-winning core protection – greatly improved upon since the last version – against viruses, spyware, Trojans, spam, hackers, worms, keyloggers, rootkits, bots, scripts, phishing and more, and all in the background - automatically updating itself with improved efficiency and neither getting in your way nor taking up computer resources. But such best-in-class core protection is only to be expected in Kaspersky Lab’s premium home product - hardly news to most. So let’s have a look at some of the less obvious advantages of the software - advantages that set it apart.

First up is its innovative hybrid approach to digital security - further improved since the previous version: In addition to the traditional signature-based methods of threat detection, the latest cloud technologies and proactive protection methods are applied to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats.

New/Improved File and Website Checking Functions

Next up is a range of file and website checking functions. There’s the improved Safe Run function - an isolated virtual environment in which you can launch suspicious programs and visit unknown websites to check them over before running/opening them on your computer proper.

System Watcher is technology that closely monitors the behavior of programs already running on a system. If a program performs a malicious action, System Watcher shuts it down and changes it has made to the system are rolled back. This function has been improved to be able to roll back changes made even during a previous session.

In a similar vein, Kaspersky PURE 2.0 uses new File Advisor technology to assess the security of a file before it is run. Information about the activity of programs running on users’ computers is fed to the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network where data is analyzed and matched against the reputations of these programs. If a program does something suspicious to suggest it is malicious, its behavioral pattern is added to Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus databases. This allows other malicious programs with similar behavior to be blocked.

Finally, there’s URL Advisor. Built into browser toolbars, it flags links to infected or fraudulent (phishing) resources using a color indicator within search engine results. To receive more detailed information about a specific website, just place the cursor over the colored indicator.

Other Premium Security Features

Kaspersky PURE 2.0 features an improved, easy-to-use centralized security management function – Home Network Control – for home-network computers, which enables checking the protection status of, and updating the antivirus database for, all computers in a home network - all from one computer. One module of Home Network Control is the improved Parental Control, which allows you to supervise your children’s online communications – deemed desirable by nearly 70% of respondents in a parental control survey* – and which has been enhanced to make it more intuitive to use. Indeed, making sure your family’s Internet experience remains PURE (2.0) has never been easier or more convenient, and with around 80% of respondents in the same survey concerned about there being “too much inappropriate content and a lot of harmful programs online”, it is clear that this functionality is as timely as it is indispensable.

Password Manager is a module of Kaspersky PURE 2.0 that allows you to create strong passwords, store them securely, and manage them easily. Your password database can be accessed using a master password, a USB or Bluetooth device, or a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Password Manager supports several accounts, meaning each user of an individual PC can have his/her own password database. It can generate secure, random passwords to provide better security, and automatically enter them into your account logins; it can also enter passwords directly into Windows applications via the Password Manager button conveniently embedded at the top of applications’ windows.  And it can help you locate unprotected passwords in browsers and transfer them to its own encrypted database.

Safe Notes allows you to safely store not only logins and passwords but also personal notes containing confidential information such as PIN codes for SIM cards, software activation codes, passport details, credit card numbers, etc. Safe Notes can be set up using standard data templates (e.g., ‘Bank cards’, ‘Internet settings’, etc.).

Virtual Keyboard is an onscreen keyboard that you use with a mouse. It ensures logins, passwords, bank card details and other confidential data can be safely entered into web pages without the use of a standard keyboard. This prevents data being intercepted by malicious programs that can intercept it by taking screenshots or recording keystrokes made on a physical keyboard.

With data backup and restore you can direct any hard drive, removable medium, FTP server, or other network storage to store scheduled password-protected backup copies of all your stored data as insurance against computer crashes, hard drive failure, etc. This has been improved with preset categories to make backing up whole categories of files (“all music files”, “all video files”, etc.) easier, wherever they may reside on the computer.

Kaspersky PURE 2.0 ensures complete privacy while using the Internet. It can clean up your online ‘footprint’ by clearing your surfing history, temp files, cookies and registry items, and also free up space on the hard drive, which can speed up your system.

And last but not least, there’s File Shredder. Deleting files through the Windows Recycle Bin does not protect against cybercriminals’ efforts to restore deleted files and steal valuable information. The multi-pass File Shredder in Kaspersky PURE 2.0 irreversibly wipes all your private and confidential deleted data.

Keeping You and Your Family PURE

So there you have it. A profusion of PURE reasons to go for the ultimate in home PC security - Kaspersky PURE 2.0. Particularly with its password-security-related features, encryption capabilities, secure vaults and backup, and Parental Control, Kaspersky PURE 2.0 is moving with the times to cover all these important aspects of overall – ultimate – PC security, which are increasingly necessary today as cybercriminals become more and more adept at exploiting the things these technologies protect: Increasingly sophisticated social engineering techniques like phishing are becoming more and more successful in seeking out passwords; hacks of (unencrypted, unsecure) data are becoming weekly occurrences in the news; and with children’s upbringing today so potentially vulnerable to the laissez-faire, ‘adult’ nature of the Internet if access to it goes unchecked, does anyone really need another reason why Kaspersky PURE 2.0 is no less than mandatory in order to be protected against all the security threats out there?


Kaspersky PURE 2.0 is available at Kaspersky Lab’s global website and in retail stores in North America starting from March 26, 2012, and in Europe (excluding the Nordic countries) from March 27.

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* Parental Control for Mobile Devices report, commissioned by Kaspersky Lab, published by Bojole Research, June 2011, based on 900 parents with children aged five to 16 in the USA, Germany and Russia.

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