Kaspersky Mobile Security Once Again Scores Top Marks in Independent Testing by PC Security Labs

10 May 2012
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Kaspersky Mobile Security has confirmed its position as a leader in its class, repeating its five-star performance in independent testing by PC Security Labs (PCSL). Comparative testing of security applications for Android saw Kaspersky Lab’s mobile solution once again achieve the best possible score, six months after receiving another top rating from the same independent test lab.

A total of 21 products were put through their paces, with six vendors subsequently refusing to make their results public. Just four products, including Kaspersky Mobile Security, received top marks. During testing, PCSL’s experts loaded 816 malicious programs on to a mobile device along with 200 clean files (to test for false positives).

PCSL was established in March 2008 and is currently the only test organization from mainland China to have joined the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). Despite its relatively short history, PCSL has already earned worldwide recognition in the security industry, with dozens of antivirus developers from all over the world relying on its test results to enhance their products. One of the distinctive features of PCSL testing is the organization’s use of malicious programs that target the Chinese market and which are mostly unheard of outside China.

Kaspersky Mobile Security produced an exceptional result when it came to the main part of the test – detection of malicious code. The Kaspersky Lab application identified over 95% of threats without generating a single false positive, placing it firmly in the top three.  The average detection rate demonstrated during the test was a mere 66.7% with nine out of 15 participants not even managing to achieve this modest score.

“The results of the latest test performed by PC Security Labs confirms once again the overall effectiveness of Kaspersky Mobile Security and clearly demonstrates that our product is one of the best on the market, and that goes for both paid and free solutions,” commented Victor Dronov, Senior Product Manager, Kaspersky Lab. “The fact that PCSL made use of China-specific malware added extra gloss to the result and proves that our product is more than capable of protecting against threats crafted especially for specific regions.” 

The full results of the test conducted by PC Security Labs in April 2012 is available at:  http://www.pcsecuritylabs.net/document/report/PCSL_Mobility_Security_Product_Test_and_Certificate_For_Android_201204_English.pdf

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