Perfect protection: Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 flawless in AV-Comparatives Test

27 Jun 2013
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Kaspersky Lab product leads the way after successfully blocking all 569 real-world attack scenarios

Kaspersky Lab reports that Kaspersky Internet Security blocked 100% of malicious attacks in a recent Real-World Protection Test. The test was conducted by the authoritative international test lab AV-Comparatives in May 2013.

The Kaspersky Lab solution was joined by 20 rival products, but only one other vendor could match Kaspersky Internet Security 2013’s perfect performance.

The Real-World Protection Test aims to measure the ability of security solutions to withstand attacks that emulate real-world conditions – those which occur during commonplace computing scenarios. These scenarios include web surfing and the use of popular applications like Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, etc. The test is conducted monthly, enabling it to use the most widely used malware samples at any given time.

This May the organizers prepared 569 infection scenarios using various vulnerabilities and malware samples. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 effectively repulsed every attack.

Source: AV-Comparatives

“Stable protection levels are critical for an advanced security solution. The threat landscape changes dramatically every day, and a good solution must be able to respond to this. As AV-Comparatives results show, very few solutions can achieve this,” said Nikita Shvetsov, Deputy CTO (Research) at Kaspersky Lab.

This is the third month in a row that Kaspersky Internet Security has returned strong results in this Real-World Protection Test. Similar AV-Comparatives tests conducted in March and April 2013 also placed the Kaspersky Lab solution at the top of the ratings.

In addition, the product was awarded AV-Comparatives’ highest Advanced+ rating following a similar test conducted between August and November 2012. 

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