Industry Events

Experts from Kaspersky Lab regularly participate in major international events such as IT security conferences and exhibitions. The Company puts a lot of effort into raising public awareness about IT security issues and uniting the efforts and knowledge of the IT industry’s key players in the daily struggle against cybercrime. The relentless expertise of our analysts ensures that Kaspersky Lab is always one step ahead of the cybercriminals, guaranteeing that our customers receive reliable protection from new types of attack. You can find out more about the events attended by Kaspersky Lab’s experts and view their presentations on the Industry Events page.

Educational Events

The conference aims to provide a collaborative environment in which students, experts, scientists and researchers can get together to present and discuss issues relating to IT security. It is also a platform for the next generation of experts to share their knowledge and ideas, inspiring them to push the limits of IT security technology still further. Anyone from the world of higher education, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, is welcome to participate in the conference. You can view photographs and summaries of winning student papers from previous conferences, or find out more about upcoming educational events on the Educational Events page.

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