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Archive Awards

Internationally recognized products

Kaspersky Labs' products regularly score highly in comparative tests carried out by independent testing centres and IT publications. The awards our products have received are listed below.

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  • December 2002

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal wins an award from the Danish magazine "Alt om Net & PC PRO" Kaspersky Anti-Virus demonstrated a significant advantage over all other products in virtually every test conducted. As usual, the anti-virus solution from Kaspersky Labs proved to be the best in detecting malicious programs and was the only product that was able to detect viruses in archived and password protected zip-files. The magazine's editorial staff also awarded Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal high marks for its rich functionality and user-friendliness.
  • November 2002

    Virus Bulletin, a British magazine specializing in the computer virus problem, has published in its November edition the results of its regularly scheduled anti-virus product comparison tests. This time the tests were conducted under the Windows platform. Kaspersky Anti-Virus scored 100% detecting viruses and did not record a single false positive. The test results once again earned Kaspersky Labs the "VB 100%" award.

  • August 2002

    The British journal Virus Bulletin, in its August edition, published the results of its traditional comparison tests of the most popular anti-virus products for the Novell Netware operating system. During the course of the analysis KasperskyTM Anti-Virus detected all the malicious code variations Virus Bulletin's research team threw at it and was thus presented with the prestigious "VB-100" award.

  • July 2002

    The editorial team of the popular German portal ZDNet has published their anti-virus product comparison test results. The technology experts conducting the study determined Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro to be the best,...

  • July 2002

    PC Achat, one of the most wide-read computer related magazines in France with a circulation of nearly 70,000 copies, conducted a test of the five most popular anti-virus programs in France. The comparison test, appearing in the magazine's July (no. 69) edition, showed the world renowned anti-virus suite, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, again proving its high quality and reliability in winning the competition outright.
  • June 2002

    The popular British computer magazine What PC? (Edition #7, July 2002) recently conducted comparison test between the three most widely used anti-virus products in the UK. The results show Kaspersky Anti-Virus being awarded the honourable title "Best Buy" for delivering the most "bang for the buck".
  • May 2002

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro 4.0 achieved the best results in testing conducted by the information portal ZDNet. The test, organized by the French editorial team of the highly popular information portal ZDNet, pitted against one another the six most popular anti-virus programs for home users. Test results earned Kaspersky Anti-Virus 4.0 top honors, winning it the editor's choice award as the most optimal solution for experienced users.

  • May 2002

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 4.0 has been named the best anti-virus solution. The popular French computer journal SVM recently conducted a test of nine anti-virus programs produced by leading manufacturers. The competition resulted in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 4.0 showing the best results and being awarded the editor's top rating.

  • May 2002

    The respected Croatian journal VIDI, (, in edition #74, published a survey covering the most popular anti-virus programs. Once again Kaspersky Anti-Virus earned a top rating and confirmed its ability to detect the greatest number of viruses and won praise for the ease of use of its interface.

  • March 2002

    The popular Russian magazine "Personal Computer World" has published the results of their 9th annual user survey conducted to reveal the best products on the Russian computer market. The voting results show Kaspersky Anti-Virus claiming a convincing win in one of the most prestigious software categories - "Anti-virus Software".

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