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25 Jun   Virus News

Number of the Week: Only 5% of Users Worried about Which Websites Their Children Visit

Many dangers can be found lurking in different corners of the Internet, and all too often our children are ill-prepared to face them

18 Jun   Virus News

Number of the Week: 24% of Users Have Encountered Fake Antivirus Software

Spam, phishing emails and fake AV are the three threats which Internet users encounter most frequently.

13 Jun   Virus News

Number of the Week: 34% of Users Still Concerned About Viruses in Email Attachments

A flood of media attention means that users are more and more aware of contemporary computer security issues and the ploys which cybercriminals use to infiltrate their devices

11 Jun   Virus News

Resource 207: Kaspersky Lab Research Proves that Stuxnet and Flame Developers are Connected

The discovery of the Flame malware in May 2012 revealed the most complex cyber-weapon to date. At the time of its discovery, there was no strong evidence of Flame being developed by the same team that delivered Stuxnet and Duqu. The approach to the development of Flame and Duqu/Stuxnet was different as well, which lead to the conclusion that these projects were created by separate teams. However, the following in-depth research, conducted by Kaspersky Lab’s experts, reveals that these teams in fact cooperated at least once during the early stages of development.Quick FactsKaspersky Lab discovered that a module from the early 2009-version of Stuxnet, known as “Resource 207,” was actually a Flame plugin.This means that when the Stuxnet worm was created in the beginning of 2009, the Flame platform already existed, and that in 2009, the source code of at least one module of Flame was used in Stuxnet.This module was used to spread the infection via USB drives. The code of the USB drive infection mechanism is identical in Flame and Stuxnet.The Flame module in Stuxnet also exploited a vulnerability which was unknown at the time and which enabled escalation of privileges, presumably MS09-025.Subsequently, the Flame plugin module was

04 Jun   Virus News

Number of the Week: 60% of Users Consider the Loss of Financial Data the Most Dangerous Threat

There are many computer threats that can cause headaches for users

04 Jun   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Experts Provide In-Depth Analysis of Flame’s C&C Infrastructure

On May 28, 2012 Kaspersky Lab announced the discovery of a highly sophisticated malicious program, known as Flame, which was actively being used as a cyber weapon targeting entities in several countries

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