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30 Mar   Virus News

Quote of the Week: European Commission’s Cybercrime Center Proposal Should Be Welcomed

The European Commission’s proposal for establishing a European center to tackle cybercrime is a great initiative, and I welcome it with enthusiasm

28 Mar   Virus News

How Kaspersky Lab and CrowdStrike Dismantled the Second Hlux/Kelihos Botnet: Success Story

In their ongoing assault against botnet operators and cyber-crime, Kaspersky Lab’s experts, along with the CrowdStrike Intelligence Team, Dell SecureWorks and members of the Honeynet Project, have successfully worked together to execute the takedown of the second Hlux (also known as Kelihos) botnet

20 Mar   Virus News

Unique ‘fileless’ bot attacks visitors to news sites

It has emerged that a simple teaser of Internet news headlines was the launch-pad for a unique malware attack, with cybercriminals creating malicious code which operated without creating files on the infected system

19 Mar   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Experts Identify Mysterious Language in the Duqu Trojan; Thanks Programming Community for its Support of the Analysis

Kaspersky Lab recently appealed to the programming community for assistance in solving one of the biggest mysteries of the Duqu Trojan, which was identifying an unknown code block located inside a section of the malicious program’s Payload DLL

13 Mar   Virus News

Malware in February: Duqu dissected and Google Wallet plundered

Following analysis of the targeted organizations and the type of data of interest to Duqu’s authors, Kaspersky Lab’s experts have concluded that the attackers were mostly seeking information about production management systems in different industrial sectors in Iran, as well as information about the trade relations of several Iranian organizations

11 Mar   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Experts Discover Unknown Programming Language in the Duqu Trojan; Appeal to Programming Community for Support in Analysis

The anti-malware experts at Kaspersky Lab have discovered that part of the Duqu Trojan was written in an unknown programming language.

01 Mar   Virus News

Video sites pose highest risk of malicious links in 2011

The greatest risk of stumbling upon a malicious link comes on video entertainment sites such as YouTube, according to Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2011

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