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24 Dec   Virus News

2001: The Year in Review

Kaspersky Labs presents a year-end review of events taking place in anti-virus safety2001 saw anti-virus companies achieve many definitive successes in the area of new anti-virus development, as well as the perfecting of already existing defense technologies thwarting malicious programs. In spite of...

24 Dec   Virus News

"Zoher": One More Reason to Install the Patch

The latest Internet worm exploits a breach in the Outlook safety system Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, reports the detection of the latest Internet worm going by the name of I-Worm.Zoher. This worm imperceptibly penetrates a user's computer via a breach in the...

19 Dec   Virus News

New Virus-Worm Targets Those in the Holiday Spirit

Kaspersky Labs responds to the "alert" sent out by other anti-virus companies Kaspersky Labs reports the detection of the latest Internet worm, I.Worm.Maldal (a.k.a. Christmas). At the moment, no cases of infection by this malicious program have been reported. This warning is for the benefit of...

12 Dec   Virus News

Virus Alert: I-Worm.Gokar

Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security doftware developer, has detected a new Internet-worm : I-Worm.Gokar. At the moment, there are already several reported cases of infection by this program. The worm spreads by e-mail and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. In order to spread itself by...

10 Dec   Virus News

The FBI's "Magic Lantern" Shines Bright

The FBI's latest cloak-and-dagger tool has attracted the attention of virus writers The rumors surrounding the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's developing of its own Trojan program, Magic Lantern, has drawn interest from the computer underground. On December 11, it was discovered that a...

06 Dec   Virus News

Virus Alert: I-Worm.Updater

Kaspersky Labs reports the detection of the latest Internet worm, I-Worm.Updater. This virus was reported last week. Updater is written in Visual Basic Script, and the worm itself is an EXE file about 12Kb in length, compressed in a UPX utility. The worm spreads via e-mail by gaining access to the...

05 Dec   Virus News

Free Treatment Utility for "Goner"

Kaspersky Labs releases the cure-all CLRAV utility thwarting "Goner". In response to the wide-spreading infections caused by the Internet worm "Goner," Kaspersky Labs has developed a utility for the detection and deletion of the malicious code contained in "Goner". We are offering this utility to...

04 Dec   Virus News

Goner: ICQ-loving Internet-Worm

Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software-development company, announces the detection of a new mass mailing Internet-worm I-Worm.Goner. Reports of infection by this malicious program already have been reported in many countries throughout the world.

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