20 Mar   Spam News

Spam in February 2012: Spammers Have Holidays Too

In February, spammers continued with their January mass-mailings devoted to St Valentine’s Day. The numbers of unsolicited valentines peaked on February 12 at 0.2% of all spam messages

01 Mar   Spam News

Spam in 2011: less is more dangerous

The trend of recent years continued in 2011, with a further reduction in the amount of spam in email traffic

24 Feb   Spam News

Spam in January 2012: Love, Politics and Sport

The main topics exploited in spam mailings in January were Valentine’s Day, elections in Russia and the USA as well as the upcoming London Olympics

12 Jan   Spam News

Cupones descuento que pueden salir muy caros

Groupon, Ofertix o Descontalia son algunas de las empresas especializadas en ofrecer estos cupones en España. En vistas del éxito obtenido, los spammers comienzan a usar la misma estrategia en sus correos

20 Dec   Spam News

Spam in November 2011: Phishing Attacks on Habbo Increase Tenfold

Online scammers have long taken an interest in spam mailings with fake notifications imitating those sent out by social networking sites. At the same time, social network accounts have become permanent targets for phishers. In November, spammers focused on Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn while phishers showed a preference for Habbo

25 Nov   Spam News

Kaspersky Lab has published its review of spammer activity in October 2011

Kaspersky Lab has published its review of spammer activity in October 2011. This month witnessed mass mailings exploiting high-profile events, a shift in phishing targets and spam sources were spread more evenly over more countries

03 Nov   Spam News

20-Fold Increase in Fraudulent Spam in Q3 2011

Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of its quarterly spam report for Q3 2011.

18 Oct   Spam News

Spam in September: Correspondence with a Killer

Kaspersky Lab presents its spam report for September 2011. The volume of spam in mail traffic decreased slightly compared to August and averaged 78.5%

22 Sep   Spam News

Spam Without Borders

There are almost no spam-free zones left in the world today. For many years, spammers have fought hard for areas of the world from which they could launch spam attacks, constantly trying to maintain their conquered territories while annexing new ones

15 Sep   Spam News

Spam in August: US Targeted Most by Malicious Mail

Kaspersky Lab presents its spam report for August 2011. The volume of spam in mail traffic decreased slightly compared to July and averaged 80%

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