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23 Nov   Spam News

Spam in October 2012: the Share of Spam in Mail Traffic Reaches a Minimum for the Year

According to Kaspersky Lab data, the percentage of spam in email traffic was down 4.5 percentage points from September and averaged 68% - the lowest level it has been all year. The danger posed by spam, however, remains high: malicious files were found in 3.25% of all emails, a mere 0.15 percentage points less compared to the previous month

13 Nov   Spam News

Spam in Q3 2012: Spam Flow Falls, but Poses Greater Danger

Kaspersky Lab analysts continue to observe a downward trend in the share of spam in total mail traffic

24 Oct   Spam News

Spam in September 2012: End of the Holiday Season Brings Rise in Phishing and Spam Traffic

According to Kaspersky Lab data, in September the percentage of spam in email traffic grew by 2.3 percentage points from August and averaged 72.5%

25 Sep   Spam News

Spam in August 2012: Criminal Activity has Reached its Peak

According to Kaspersky Lab’s spam report, in August the percentage of spam in email traffic continued to go down and averaged 70.2%, a decrease of 1.6 percentage points from July.

23 Aug   Spam News

Spam in July 2012: 50% increase in malicious attachments

Against a continuing backdrop of falling spam levels, Kaspersky Lab noted a 50% rise in the number of emails containing malicious files

15 Aug   Spam News

Spam in Q2 2012: tough going for spammers in these straitened times

The proportion of spam in mail traffic continued to fall in Q2 2012, averaging 74.3%

19 Jul   Spam News

Spam in June: noticeable drop in unsolicited mail

The proportion of spam in email traffic continued its gradual decline in June, falling a further two percentage points compared to May and averaging 71.9% for the month

14 Jun   Spam News

Spam in May 2012: Made in China

In the last month of spring we saw a further reduction in the amount of spam found in email traffic: its share was down 3.4 percentage points, and fell to its lowest point since the start of the year – 73.8%. However users face all the risks associated with malware attachments and other fraudsters’ tricks

17 May   Spam News

Spam in April 2012: Junk Mail Gathers Pace in the US

Kaspersky Lab’s monthly report on spammer activity shows the proportion of spam in email traffic was up 2.2 percentage points in April compared to the previous month and averaged 77.2%

15 May   Spam News

Spam in Q1 2012: A Marathon of Holidays

The first quarter of the year was littered with holidays and, of course, spammers tried to make the most of it. Be it Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Easter – it seems there’s no holiday that won’t get a spammer working overtime

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