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Kaspersky Lab, an invincible wall that protects the Ferrari workplace

21 May 2014
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MaranelloFerrari prides itself on the innovation, technology and exclusivity of its products, an asset that must always be protected and safeguarded. The same goes for Ferrari’s work in Formula 1, in which the data involved is possibly even more secret.

Ferrari has therefore put in place the most stringent measures to ensure the company’s security, both for its core business and in its racing activities. In order to do this, it has entrusted this task to Kaspersky Lab, a company that is a world leader in the production of information technology security software for the protection of sensitive data.

IT security is of vital importance in every aspect of Ferrari’s work, with data travelling around the world, containing secret information relating to new products or racing technologies. Having a top class partner means the performance of the Maranello marque itself increases: light but highly efficient programmes keep sensitive data safe, without slowing down the development process, allowing work to proceed in total safety.

Kaspersky Lab’s protection also extends to Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula 1 remote garage, a virtual pit wall located in Maranello which analyses a huge amount of data sent in real time from the cars on track.

To watch Kaspersky Lab’s case study on technical partnership with Ferrari on YouTube click the link.

Source: Ferrari