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Kaspersky Lab Expands Its Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari

24 Nov 2011
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, announces the expansion of its partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. At the final Formula One Grand Prix of the 2011 season in São Paulo the company will unveil a new contract with the world-renowned racing team for the next two years.

The partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Scuderia Ferrari, which has proved immensely successful for both companies, is steadily developing. The new stage of the partnership will see an increased Kaspersky Lab logo presence at all the Formula One races in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The presence of the company’s logo on Scuderia Ferrari racing cars will triple, featuring on the nose cone and on nose sides. The Kaspersky Lab logo will also be sported on the overalls of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers and on the team uniforms. This advance is in line with Kaspersky Lab’s global brand development strategy.

“We are delighted to further develop our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. Our companies have many values in common: we both aim high, and never stop moving forward,” said Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “Our achievements are based on cutting-edge technologies, high-profile expertise and constant innovation, which result in the best-in-class quality of our respective products and the peak of reliability. Kaspersky Lab has been fighting cybercrime for over 14 years, always keeping abreast of the newest trends. So the notion of speed is very familiar to us, and we are only too happy to speed ahead on the nose cones of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing cars!”

Kaspersky Lab first entered the world of motor racing back in May 2010 at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The first stage of the partnership saw the company sponsor the AF Corse team at the Le Mans Series along with assuming the position of ‘Official Supplier” to the Scuderia. Half a year later Kaspersky Lab became an ‘Official Sponsor’of the team, which saw the Kaspersky Lab logo featuring on the Scuderia’s cars at both the Formula One while continuing to be on the 458 Italia GT2 competing in the Le Mans Series Championships.

A significant advancement of the partnership was made in March 2011 when the companies signed a licensing agreement that saw the release of a co-branded product: Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition. This security solution with a Ferrari-styled user interface and Ferrari Virtual Academy video simulator game has aligned Kaspersky Lab’s best-of-breed anti-malware technologies with the world-famous image of Scuderia Ferrari.

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