FamiliA Values

Our strong belief in constant development and innovation has made things that once seemed impossible to us become part of our everyday work life. What will always remain the same is the family atmosphere of our friendly team, where everyone is always ready to help. This is reflected in our corporate values.

FellowshipShare common interests, experiences, activities, etc.
AuthenticityBe yourself. Be genuine, trustworthy and open with ourselves and each other.
MasteryUse your skills and expertise to take full command of your subject.
ImprovisationGive ourselves (and each other) a license to think. Differently!
LocalabilityEmbrace local ways of doing business at the global level.
IntrapreneurshipWorking in new ways, without being asked to do so.
Aiming highBe one of those who change this world, who make this world today better than yesterday, and tomorrow - better than today.

Together they form the word FamiliA, which is Latin for ‘family’. This is no coincidence, as ‘family’ reflects the culture of our company. If these values are close to yours, welcome to our FamiliA.

Familia - fellowship, authenticity, mastery, improvisation, localability, intrapreneurship, aiming high

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