Ultimate Protection With PURE 3.0

April 30, 2013

People rely on the Internet today for so much more than they did even five years ago. Whether it’s social media, mobile applications, online banking, shopping, or just renewing your driver’s license, the Web has become so much more than email and YouTube videos for the average consumer.

PURE 3.0

And as more money and sensitive data moves to the Internet, so do criminals. They follow the money and devise scams tailored to exploit how you maneuver online. You must be diligent about what you share online and where you do business. You cannot trust that your password will keep you safe, that your Web browsing sessions cannot be hijacked, and that hackers won’t steal not only your personal information, but damage your irreplaceable business files and personal photographs.

Computer security may soon be thought of as something as indispensable as your home, auto or life insurance policies.

As a result, computer security may soon be thought of as something as indispensable as your home, auto or life insurance policies. Software that secures your online transactions and interactions is becoming just as crucial and second nature. And it must evolve right alongside how people use the Web.

Simple antivirus technology isn’t enough to secure your interests. Effective solutions must be as nimble as you are online and address not only viruses that may arrive via email, but Web-based threats that can put a hacker onto your hard drive in the blink of an eye. Kaspersky Lab’s PURE 3.0 is a complete computer security package, one that integrates not only the company’s award winning malware protection, but a host of other features, including:

  • Safe Money: Technology designed to secure online banking for consumers. Safe Money verifies for you that the banking website in your browser is genuine before you enter your personal information onto a hacker’s site. Once the URL is verified as legitimate, a secure Web browser is launched for your session. In addition, you can use a secure keyboard feature that negates nasty keylogging malware which records all of your keystrokes, including your banking log-in data.
  • Password Manager: This feature helps you manage the litany of passwords you use every day to log into any number of Web-based services. Strong security practices dictate that you never re-use a password and to use only complex alpha-numeric passwords. While that’s all well and good, a substantial amount of those secret codes are difficult to remember. Kaspersky Password Manager helps you choose strong passwords and then store them in an online vault. Those passwords can also be synchronized across a number of devices running PURE 3.0.
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention: As we mentioned, hackers will use any means at their disposal to infect as many computers as they can. For some time now, they’ve been targeting software that runs on computers regardless of whether it’s a Windows or Apple machine, for example. Programs such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Java and many others are complex pieces of software that are vulnerable to malware exploits. PURE 3.0’s exploit prevention feature monitors these programs for behaviors that are out of the ordinary and blocks those programs from executing and infecting your machines.
  • Dropbox Backup Integration: While it’s a great idea to regularly backup your documents and photographs in case of a catastrophic hardware failure, how many of us actually do it? Not many. With PURE 3.0, there is an integrated online backup feature that gives users 2 GB of free storage on Dropbox with every account. Backup can be set to automatically happen at regular intervals, and users can access their files from any device.

As more of your life transitions online, you need to understand that hackers are going to transition right along with you—and that the threat of identity theft, loss of finances and more is real.  Researchers at Kaspersky Lab said recently that more than 5,000 websites are compromised by hackers every day—and that includes banking, shopping and other Web-based services where your personal information is central to the experience. Solutions such as PURE 3.0 aren’t a luxury any more. It’s a complete solution that addresses every part of your online experience in a seamless manner.