Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 85

In this episode of the Kaspersky Lab podcast, Dave and Jeff discuss the perils of downloading shows, like Game of Thrones, on torrents, Facebook calling for regulation, Toyota breaches, and more.

Many of us enjoyed some spring weather over the course of the past weekend, but winter is still coming. Well, not meteorically, but for fans of Game of Thrones, you all know that something big is coming.

For the 85th edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast, we kick things off looking at the latest victims of the LockerGoga. From there, we jump to the op-ed from Mark Zuckerberg looking to lawmakers to regulate Facebook — yes, you read that right. After Zuck’s take, we look at the recent takedowns of hate speech before diving into the issues with Toyota. To wrap things up, we look at the malware targeting the torrents of popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

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