Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 59

In this edition of the Kaspersky Lab podcast, we discuss smart locks locking people out, Alexa playing doctor, and more.

In a busy week for infosec news, Dave and I had a hard time selecting the stories to cover for this week’s edition of the Transatlantic Cable podcast. After some deliberation, we were able to narrow it down to four stories that hit on some of our favorite topics: Internet of Things, smart homes, and malware epidemics.

To kick off the podcast, we discuss a new patent filed by Amazon that may look to have everyone’s favorite in-home voice assistant play doctor. From there, we move to a recent breach suffered by the Pentagon and then jump back on the medical bandwagon where we look at the fallout of the WannaCry epidemic on the NHS. We wrap the week staying on the British side of the pond, where a smart lock company locked customers out of their homes. For more on these stories, please click the links below.