Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 45

In this edition, Jeff and Dave discuss how a McDonald’s drive-thru was hacked, USB drama, and more.

As we pick up the stories for our weekly podcast, Dave and I will often bounce a story out there, asking if anyone but us really cares. So naturally, some stories inevitably wind up on the cutting-room floor. This week, we didn’t have many of those moments as we looked at topics that could relate to everyone.

To kick things off, we discuss how a McDonald’s drive-thru was hacked in the 90s — who hasn’t dreamed of messing with people over one of those speakers? Our second story combines new research on how insecure USB drives are and also how people buying used SD cards can get more than they expected. From there, we hop over to a recent breach within the social media app Timehop that affected 21 million users. To wrap up our 45th edition, we look at Twitter’s crackdown on fake accounts.