Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 204

The crew expands and we discuss video, Bitcoin mining, SolarWinds, and more on this week’s edition of the Kaspersky podcast.

It only took 203 episodes of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast for us to change up the format a bit. We teased it over the past few weeks, and this week Ahmed Abdelghani joins Dave and me, bringing a breath of fresh air to episode 204.

We open the show with a hidden gem of a crime. British authorities thought they were pursuing a cannabis operation only to find a mining operation. The next story is a look at the FBI integration with Have I Been Pwned and some new site features worth looking into.

After that, I sit down with Rainer Bock of our team at Tomorrow Unlocked to learn about their latest — some cool videos are on the way, including an interactive one on Carbanak. Unfortunately, we also have to discuss the latest from SolarWinds and why the problem may not be going away as soon as we’d all like.

Then, Ahmed gives Dave and me a chance to flex our tech trivia muscles, game-show style.

We close out the podcast with a look at CryptoKitties and how one befuddled journalist tried to buy the NFT.

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