Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 186

Jeff and Dave discuss some interesting Facebook ads, Nancy Pelosi’s still-missing laptop, Emotet’s takedown, and more.

In this episode, Jeff and Dave discuss Nancy Pelosi’s laptop (still missing), social networks and mental health, and more.

To open the 186th edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I return to one of our favorite punching bags, Facebook. Unlike many of our discussions, which center on privacy, data sharing, and the like, this time we chat about ads a bit.

How does that fit the podcast? Well, let’s just say that our conversation includes an article penned by someone who worked on Borat Subsequent Moviefilm about what “Trump followers” see on the social network. After that, we stay in the bubble of influence and discuss the still-missing laptop stolen during the Capitol insurrection from Nancy Pelosi’s office. This tale just keeps getting stranger.

Staying in the world of law and order, we give virtual high-fives and claps for the joint law enforcement effort that took down the Emotet network.

To close things out, Facebook pulls us back in — to discuss a new study about the emotional and mental stresses the social network has on teenagers.

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