Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 166

Jeff and Dave discuss COVID-related scams in the UK, a Massachusetts school system hit with ransomware, and more.

Google and "keyword warrants"

We kick off this week’s edition of the Transatlantic Cable podcast by looking at an active scam in the UK. As if 2020 was not bad enough, now people need to be on the lookout for scams that are targeting them with travel and refunds that are more prevalent with everyone at home due to COVID-19 — and the impact on people’s wallets is continuing to get bigger.

From there, we jump across the Atlantic to Springfield, Massachusetts, whose school system was hit with ransomware. The only ones happy in this story were the kids who got an impromptu snow day.

We stay in the US for our third story, this about Google’s sharing of crime-related search data with law enforcement. To close things out, we take a look at some leaked source code from Microsoft.

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