Tip of the week: How to protect yourself from cryptoware

October 3, 2014

We have written a lot about Cryptoware in the past. This is one of the fastest growing types of malware that targets end-users. These viruses are not created for hunting the “Big Guys” in governments and corporations, but for mass blackmailing of ordinary people. So how does it work in real life?

Just like this: “Dear Chairman, dear Vice Chairman, dear members of the board, let me present to you the annual report which we have been preparing throughout the past two months… Oops… Just a moment, we are having some technical issues…”

virus_en (1)

It seems as though the presentation has to be postponed because your computer has been attacked by a cryptovirus — a malicious program that blocks your access to some files on your computer and demands a ransom for their decryption. What a shame!

Kaspersky Lab engineers recommend that you protect valuable files before your computer gets infected. Installing Kaspersky Internet Security and adjusting the settings will help protect you from the latest threats.

  1. Using the Application Control component, create a Protected file types category.
  2. Configure rules on the access to the Protected file types category for High Restricted and Low Restricted applications.
  3. Enable System Watcher in the application’s settings:
kis2015_en (1)
  1. Configure the Firewall: block Internet access for Low Restricted, High Restricted, and Untrusted applications. Using this method, you can prevent cryptoware programs from downloading the encryption key from the Internet. Without an encryption key, they will be unable to block access to your files.

What do you do if your files are encrypted but Kaspersky Internet Security is not installed? Use our free utilities and regain access to your files: