The Threat Landscape

Ryan Naraine and Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade discuss the threat landscape and what is being done to prevent major attacks.

The threat landscape and how we can improve it.

The threat landscape has never been more extensive. In the past, security threats were limited to minor attacks that would cause a small amount of damage to a business. As time has progressed, far more advanced types of attacks have appeared, such as phishing attacks and ransomware, resulting in more potential damage to businesses.

Today, specialized targeted attacks have become increasingly more prevalent, and these kinds of specific attacks are much more difficult to prevent. Helping to increase these kinds of attacks, we have seen many smaller organizations of cyber criminals begin to gain access to incredibly advanced hacking technologies.

This has increased and accelerated the number of major, targeted attacks on businesses. The rise of mobile has also presented a new threat. Using our mobile devices for so many different things and having them constantly connected makes them a perfect target for cyber criminals. Once they gain access to your mobile device, they have access to an unprecedented amount of personal and professional information.

The growing Internet of Things has also been beneficial to hackers, as there are more devices than ever connected to the internet. Watch members of our GReAT Ryan Naraine and Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade’s full talk below for all the latest on the current threat landscape.