The Best Windows Phone Security Apps

Windows Phone doesn’t have the market reach of Android-powered devices, or the slick appeal of the Apple iPhone, but the availability of multiple Windows 8 devices late this year could


Windows Phone doesn’t have the market reach of Android-powered devices, or the slick appeal of the Apple iPhone, but the availability of multiple Windows 8 devices late this year could change Microsoft’s 4 percent market share numbers.

That means users may have to start thinking seriously about the security of those devices and how they treat the sensitive data and credentials stored on Windows Phone. While most security companies offer some sort of antivirus or spyware protection, there are still a host of security applications you may want to consider for your device.

  1. 1password1Password: This application securely stores password information and synchronizes that data with your computer over a mobile or wireless network. Store credentials for individual credit cards on this application and access them via a simple menu. You can also sync this with cloud-based storage such as Dropbox.
  2. airwatch MDMAirWatch MDM: A business solution that manages smartphone deployments, enforces security policies and allows you to track and map devices, especially those lost or stolen.
  3. MotionCamMotionCam: A personal security and surveillance application that senses motion. Once activated and the application detects movement or noise in an area, it starts recording an mp4 video and sends it to your email address with an alarm snapshot. Helpful for lost or stolen devices.
  4. AuthenticatorAuthenticator: This application helps you come up with security codes for applications or accounts that require a second factor of authentication. This supports one-time password apps such as Google Authenticator.
  5. 4UrEyezOnly4UrEyezOnly: Secures and protects files, images, text and voice messages via encryption. Offers encrypted image vaults as well that are PIN protected.
  6. eWalletGoeWalletGo: Brings a level of password and credential security to Android devices. EWallet is a longtime standby, securing not just credentials, but financial account information and other sensitive data.
  7. KeeperKeeper: Secure password storage for Windows phones that includes a password generator, enables users to log in to websites from within this application. Records are encrypted on the device, and secure backup to a cloud-based service is offered.
  8. SecureVoltSecureVolt: Stores and encrypts notes and credentials. Offers an added feature called Dummy Password, an alternate password that, if used, replaces real notes with false ones.
  9. Easy PasswordEasy Password: Manage multiple passwords, includes a sync function to store passwords on SkyDrive. Syncs information into the Live Tile.  A master password manages the application.
  10. JFJ Software PC Vault: Stores private data and files. All information is encrypted and password protected. Also includes a Windows-like file structure and the ability to create directory structures.
  11. Secure IDSecure ID Free: Password manager and data vault that encrypts credentials, files and other personal information. Supports audio data as well.
  12. SplashIDSplashID: Secures your day-to-day online activities, including credit card and bank accounts, as well as credentials, frequent flier numbers and lots more. All data is encrypted. It also includes a password generator and is capable of syncing with your PC or Mac.
  13. recovery copRecoveryCop: Remotely monitor your Windows device, and if lost or stolen, an SMS command returns the device’s GPS location. From the same panel, you can lock the device.
  14. Last PassLastPass: Password storage is removed from your device with this application and passwords are instead stored on the vendor’s infrastructure. Syncs with a free browser plug-in, extending password management to your desktop or laptop.
  15. My PhoneMicrosoft My Phone: A feature Microsoft offers that helps you find a lost Windows device. Also enables you to ring, lock or erase data on the device. It can also show you its location on a map.
  16. Password PadlockPassword Padlock: Single master password encrypts all of your important credentials; the master is never stored on the device. Also offers backup and restore of passwords to SkyDrive cloud service.
  17. File LockerFile Locker: A data protection application for Windows that allows you to sort, classify and encrypt files and protect them with a PIN.
  18. WhiskersWhiskers: A password storage application that encrypts the secret codes you use to access your online bank account, credit card information and more. The application stores data on the phone and is not reachable online.
  19. Super PasswordSuper Password: Brings organization to your online credentials. The application is loaded with 16 templates suited to your online existence: web logins, email credentials, and other sensitive data can be categorized and passwords encrypted and securely stored.
  20. Password JinniPassword Jinni: Don’t use the same password for every application. Password Jinni stores and encrypts your most sensitive credentials, contacts and other data. Also offers online backup and templates that will help you organize your records and credentials.