Talk Security: Million Dollar Malware, Github DDoS

Threatpost security reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue discuss the Github DDoS, Dyre banking malware, privacy threats, hacking and more

Talk Security: Million Dollar Malware, Githib DDoS

Threatpost reporters Chris Brook and Brian Donohue discuss recent security headlines, including a contentious new Executive Order, the Dyre banking scheme, Github’s distributed denial of service troubles, the sale of hacked Uber accounts, Edward Snowden on Last Week Tonight, Snapchat’s first transparency report, a cool YouTube hack and more.

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Research advocates are concerned that a new Executive Order from U.S. President Barack Obama could put well-intentioned security researchers at risk of prosecution.

A new criminal banking threat called Dyre has emerged, stealing millions from corporate bank accounts with a clever mix of trojans and social engineering.

Chinese hackers knocked the open-source code repository, Github, offline for several days in retaliation for its hosting of content from a prominent anti-censorship website.

Also, hacked Uber accounts available for as little as $1, British Airways frequent flyer accounts suspended following compromise, changes in online behavior following NSA revelations, Snapchat’s first transparency report and an interesting YouTube hack.

Music for this podcast by Dom La Nena licensed under Creative Commons.