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Malware evolution is something that may make individual users and businesses more likely to become victims of cyberattacks.

Cybercrime International, Ltd.

As the criminals join forces “intercontinentally” to improve their crimeware together, businesses and LEAs should work together as well. Cybersecurity is everybody’s business – today more, perhaps, than ever.

Acecard - the most dangerous Android banking trojan

Android trump card: Acecard

Acecard is one of the most advanced banking trojans. It’s capable of overlaying more than 30 banks’ and financial systems’ apps and is spread via Google Play.

Poseidon — a custom-tailored malware boutique unveiled at #theSAS2016

The Poseidon’s Domain

At The SAS 2016, Kaspersky Lab researchers discussed the newly discovered Poseidon Group. A custom APT boutique chasing commercially valuable data