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Advanced cyberthreats, demystified

Cyberweapons have to communicate to their creators, propagate within the infrastructure and send data. That’s when an effective and highly flexible algorithm can be capable of spotting them.

Dropping Elephant: Inelegant Espionage

An Indian-speaking threat actor, Dropping Elephant chooses targets mainly in the Asian region, paying particular attention to Chinese government/diplomatic organizations – and also to foreign embassies and diplomatic offices in China.

The Lazarus Group: Targeted attack mitigation applies to everyone

The vast majority of targeted attacks begin with simple steps; spear-phishing with malicious attachments or clickable links, or the infection of employees’ favorite websites (water-holing) to penetrate the security perimeter through the vulnerable browsers or other software. Don’t assume that because these methodologies are well-known, they are any less effective.

Poseidon — a custom-tailored malware boutique unveiled at #theSAS2016

The Poseidon’s Domain

At The SAS 2016, Kaspersky Lab researchers discussed the newly discovered Poseidon Group. A custom APT boutique chasing commercially valuable data