Security Analyst Summit 2016: See you in Spain

Early next year Kaspersky Lab will host yet another Security Analyst Summit, this time in Tenerife, Spain.

Early next year Kaspersky Lab will host yet another Security Analyst Summit, this time in Tenerife, Spain. Here’s the promo video:

SAS 2016 will be the sixth annual event, where professionals from all across the IT security field gather to share their research and thoughts, and announce major discoveries. In 2015, a number of formidable APT campaigns were announced at SAS, including The Equation and Carbanak, a now-notorious purely criminal APT campaign that cost banks worldwide a billion dollars.

What is going to be announced next year? Security Analyst Summit is also the place where IT security professionals try to “look beyond the horizon”: to forecast the further developments in the cybersecurity front – and try to predict the next moves of malicious parties, which is necessary to counter them.

SAS started back in 2010 as an invitation-only event for security experts, and it still has a somewhat “closed” format, although its news and keynotes are widely covered in the industry’s media.

Among the highlights of these gatherings is, of course, training – educational programs for the participants, which purpose is to raise awareness and improve skills of the IT professionals who have to face all kinds of cyberthreats – from such “mundane ones” like petty Trojans to the extremes such as rootkits and APTs.

Next year, there will be a special training course to hunt APTs with Yara. Costin Raiu, Vitaly Kamluk and Sergey Mineev, Kaspersky Lab’s top-gun researchers from Global Research & Analysis Team will hold workshops, and they are GReAT at APT exposing.

Participants will also have a chance to join the Malware Reverse Engineering course with Nico Brulez, Principal Security Researcher from Global Research & Analysis Team. He will also cover APT reverse engineering.

But IT security isn’t limited to them. Other training courses will cover such issues as security of embedded systems and cellular communications; rootkits in Windows-based systems, and digital intelligence – probably the hottest topics of modern cybersecurity.

Security Analysts Summit offers IT professionals from various businesses new opportunities to learn from the best in the industry, discuss methods and technologies, share knowledge and intelligence, and, of course, build contacts. After all, cybersecurity today is everybody’s business. See you in Tenerife next year!