Women’s EuroArabian expedition arrives at the North Pole

The team, led by veteran polar explorer Felicity Aston, met with Eugene Kaspersky on arrival at the North Pole.

The women’s polar expedition team has arrived at the North Pole. Renowned polar explorer Felicity Aston led seven women from Europe and four from the Middle East, most of them novices at polar trekking. A few were the first women from their countries to set foot on the Arctic ice cap.

The adventurers completed the demanding cross-country ski in eight days. They persisted through extreme temperatures, blistering wind, shifting ice, and more. At times, they had to double back to move forward.

At the end of their grueling trek, they met up with Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of sponsor Kaspersky Lab, who took a much easier trip on a plane to toast the women on their accomplishment.

Aston launched this polar adventure to foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures, hoping their efforts would inspire all women to reach beyond the expectations of others and fulfill their own life ambitions.

Photos by Renan Ozturk and Max Avdeev.