Kaspersky Security Cloud: Security that is truly yours

Imagine a security solution that adapts to your lifestyle and protects you wherever you need it. We’ve designed that solution — take a look at Kaspersky Security Cloud.

We live in a world full of stress and anxiety. Carelessness and forgetfulness can be punished so harshly in the modern world that we all try to stay in control of everything — which, let’s face it, is next to impossible. As time goes, the number of things we need to memorize and control grows exponentially, and our minds become cluttered with information that we need to process and keep close at hand: all those passwords, tasks, laws, rules, bills, taxes, and so on. Those things can weigh on our minds even when we try to relax.

Cyberthreats are adding to this anxiety, and no traditional AV can cope with them all, which adds to our nervousness and uneasiness. People have to stay alert, constantly on the lookout — and that takes effort. No wonder everyone’s so tired all the time!

We’ve developed a solution that will help make life simpler. It’s called Kaspersky Security Cloud, and it’s the first adaptive consumer security service. Kaspersky Security Cloud can react to what’s happening in your life and offer relevant protection and advice. Here’s how it works.

The right security at the right time

Say you’re in a café using your phone or your laptop to purchase tickets for the new Star Wars movie. You’re connected to the local open Wi-Fi network. Well, you know that open Wi-Fi networks are not secure and can potentially expose your private data, but you’re in a hurry and really want to get the best seats in the cinema.

If you have Kaspersky Security Cloud installed on your device, it will detect that you are connected to an insecure network and offer to turn on a VPN and encrypt the data you transmit so that no one on the local network can see or steal it. All right: Your tickets are purchased, your payment data remains secure, and you can have a good evening at the movies!

Or, say, you’ve just created an account on this new social network that everybody’s so hyped about. Kaspersky Security Cloud will detect if the password you’ve chosen is too weak and will offer to create a better one that’s harder to crack. After that, you can save this strong password in Kaspersky Password Manager, which is also a part of Kaspersky Security Cloud, so that you don’t need to remember it. That’s way more convenient than memorizing all of your passwords.

By the way, Kaspersky Security Cloud will also regularly check if that brand new social network leaks data, so that if necessary you can take appropriate measures such as changing passwords before anything bad happens.

Another example: You know that hard drives don’t live forever, but how can one tell when the hard drive with their precious photos is about to die? Kaspersky Security Cloud monitors several parameters in the background and notifies you if it sees a problem with your hard drive so that you can back up your data and buy a new hard drive before the old one croaks. These days, the hard drive itself hardly matters — it’s the information on it that you need. In addition to detecting imminent hard drive failure, Kaspersky Security Cloud also lets you set up automatic backups.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is the first ever adaptive security solution for consumers, and what it does is it adapts to your lifestyle, adapts to you, and tries to offer you the protection you need right when you need it. If you try to visit a malicious site, it will warn you. If some service you’ve been using leaks data, you’ll get a notification.

If Kaspersky Security Cloud detects that you’re using duplicate passwords for sensitive services, it will alert you. If it sees outdated apps on your device, it will offer to update them — and can do it automatically on its own. If a new device connects to your home Wi-Fi network, it will notify you so that you can stay in control of your Wi-Fi. And so on and so forth — its many adaptivity features tailor themselves to your life to make it as worry-free as possible.

Protection for you, your family, everyone

Kaspersky Security Cloud protects you on every device you have — PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. You can choose from several versions.

If you need protection for just yourself, you can subscribe to the Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal. With it you can protect up to three or five devices (depending on the subscription plan you choose).

If you are the person responsible for protecting your family, then you may want to choose Kaspersky Security Cloud Family, which allows you to use up to 20 accounts and install protection on up to 20 devices. In addition, Kaspersky Security Cloud Family has extra security for kids, such as letting you manage the time kids are allowed to spend on their devices and the sites they’re allowed to visit.

There’s also a free version of Kaspersky Security Cloud, which has limited functionality and fewer adaptivity scenarios — although it’s still beyond the usual AV in terms of protection scenarios. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for one account can be installed on up to three devices.

If your premium subscription expires, you are not left without protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud will simply switch to free mode and continue protecting you on all your devices (except for Macs), although with less flexibility and fewer adaptivity scenarios.

Security that makes life easier

All of the features in Kaspersky Security Cloud were created and combined with a single purpose: to make a security solution that adapts to your lifestyle and helps make your life easier. Less worrying, more mindful action in achieving your goals. It gives you more time to spend doing what you love to do and helps eliminate the cyberobstacles that would prevent you from chasing your dreams. You can try or purchase Kaspersky Security Cloud here.