Secret code for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it’s your data

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android can protect data on your mobile from the long arms and sticky fingers of pocket thieves and cybercriminals

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it's your data

Today a smartphone has become an integral part of our life. We constantly use phones for work, study, travel, and they are increasingly starting to know more about us than we know about them. Moreover, they can share their insights on us with anyone.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it's your data

We constantly risk a lot of things: photos, bank accounts, mails containing critical and private information, places where we go and, of course, information on people we know could end up in the wrong hands. The loss of a phone can actually cost us much more that the device itself.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Fortunately, ever-evolving threats fuel the development of new means of mitigation. Kaspersky Lab took up the mobile challenge and created Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. This app is designed to both protect your device from malware and to ensure the privacy of your data.

In case your phone is stolen, the Anti-Theft capability in Kaspersky Internet Security for Android will prevent thieves from accessing your device and help you to locate it. You can remotely turn on the alarm, snap a photo of the criminal with the camera and request the app to send the current GPS location information of the phone to your email. Should there be critical data on the stolen device, you can wipe the device memory in an instant. All these features become available after you send a secret SMS code.

The app has another interesting feature, called Personal Contacts. It is created for those who truly cherish their private life. It allows hiding selected contacts, call and message logs, and current calls and messages from the hidden contacts.

In order to make use of those capabilities, the only thing you have to provide is a sequence of digits known only to you. So what is this code?

Secret code

The secret code guarantees that your private photos, videos, correspondence and other personal information would never be compromised. To make this protection robust, we recommend using seven digits (however, if you are ok with a 4-digit code, the program accepts it as well).

The creation of the secret code is a necessary step in the Anti-Theft and Personal contacts activation process. You would use the code every time when you need to change their settings or remotely send an SMS command to your phone.

Any remote command requires a secret code. For example, in order to enable the Alarm on your phone, you need to send an SMS containing the text:

alarm: [secret code]

In order to lock the device and send its GPS location data to the email indicated on the initial set-up, send the following text:

find: [secret code]

We would note here that the SMS is charged according to your carrier subscription plan.

Would you also like to hide your text message history from a beady eye or ensure certain contacts are not shown on the screen when they call or text you? You can input the secret code and securely hide your critical data.

The secret code is essential to keep your phone and your confidential data safe. But what if you forgot it?

Secret code restoration

In order to restore the secret code, you should use the My Kaspersky portal. When you install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, you will create an account that should only be accessed by you.

Secret code for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it's your data

Choose the Devices section and click Lock, locate, or manage device, then choose Secret code and click Get code. A step-by-step instruction is available on the support web page.
Secret code for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it's your data

If you want to change your code (for instance, make it 7-digit instead of 4-digit), you should open Kaspersky Internet Security settings, choose Additional settings and then Change secret code. The program will prompt you to type in both old and new secret codes. The detailed information is, as always, available on the support page.

Secret code for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android: it's your data

Make sure you memorize your secret code to ultimately protect your smartphone. With Kaspersky Internet Security for Android your data remains solely yours.