Internet-proof your children with Kaspersky Safe Kids

What if you could be sure that your kids use Internet safely while their mobile phones are protected from fraud, unwanted calls and SMS? All you need for that is Kaspersky Safe Kids!

What if you could be sure that your kids use Internet safely while their smartphones are protected from fraud, unwanted calls and SMS? Moreover, what if you could find your child’s device in case it’s lost or stolen? This would definitely make your life easier!

No matter what they are doing on their phones or tablets: surfing the Internet to make a homework assignment, watching cartoons or getting stuck on a website with inappropriate content; kids look the same.

Sure, parents can look over their kid’s shoulder to see what is going on, but let’s be honest spying on your child is not the best idea. Installing a special app is a better option.

Kaspersky Lab developed a new multi-platform service called Safe Kids that can create a special safeguarded zone to help kids explore the digital world safely. Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, the service is able to protect your daughter’s iPhone just as well, as your son’s Android tablet. Let’s see what you can do with the help of Safe Kids.

Protect your child from inappropriate websites and objectionable communications

Safe Kids sends reports to your phone if and when your children search, read or watch something you don’t like them to read or watch, all in accordance with the settings you’ve placed on the app.

The app also lets you track cellular and SMS traffic (without directly reading the content of text messages). If required, you can add certain mobile numbers to a list and you’ll be notified if an objectionable caller disturbs your child.

Limiting the time a kid spends online

If your kid spends too much time playing games online instead of studying or sleeping, Safe Kids will help you limit the period of time when the child has Internet access.

Finding child’s current location in real time

This service allows to find out where your kids are at any given moment. While many teens may skip out on school once or twice in their life, there are times where this behavior can escalate into a continuous problem. Kaspersky Safe Kids let you track their location via GPS in real time.

Every child can get lost. Use Safe Kids to set up safe zones, which are familiar to your children and where you expect them to be. If they leave this place you’ll instantly get a notification.

You will also appreciate this option if your kid loses a phone with the silent mode on somewhere at school or at friend’s house. The service will help you find the phone if it is lost or stolen.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to come to your child’s rescue right in time. Of course, parents should adhere the privacy of their child and do not turn themselves into spies.

The thing is, it’s much easier not to be a spy with the Safe Kids app: you don’t need to actually look through your kids private messaging, or check what exactly they read and watch, or follow them to and from school, or whatever it takes to be on guard in old-fashioned way. You just stay informed, if or when kids are doing something dangerous. Good news: the app is free, so you can give it a try right now.