Kaspersky PURE 3.0 – multi-functionality made easy


User friendliness and ease of use are up there with reliable protection when deciding on IT security solutions. One might think that these two requirements are incompatible – a complex multi-functional solution cannot be simple to use. However, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 offers exactly that. The product provides comprehensive protection for computers and laptops on your home network, but remains easy to use. In addition, it provides a number of tools to handle any security issues that might affect every computer in the house.

While working on the latest version of PURE, the developers at Kaspersky Lab paid special attention to improving protection from complex malware, implementing new cloud features and ensuring multi-layer protection of financial information. Thus, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 actively uses cloud technologies to enhance modules that provide password storage and backup copying capabilities. Users get 2 GB of free storage space on Dropbox service. This approach keeps data safe while making it accessible from any computer.

Your financial information – bank card numbers, payment system logins and passwords, online banking credentials – may be of particular interest to cybercriminals. An ever-increasing number of malicious programs target your confidential information, creating a need for extra protection tools. To guarantee your banking security, Kaspersky 3.0 includes Safe Money technology. Its features include server authentication for online stores and payment systems, anti-keylogger functionalities including a virtual keyboard and the Secure Keyboard driver, a secure environment for the web browser – all of these and other Safe Money features provide multi-layer protection for your financial transactions. An independent study by the experts at Matousec.com has already demonstrated the effectiveness of Kaspersky Lab’s technology: products with Safe Money technology are reaching the same standards as dedicated banking solutions.

However, it is not only credit card numbers and passwords that need to be protected. Cybercriminals are interested in any information that can be resold or used for criminal purposes, including even your home address or family photos. Vast numbers of malicious programs have been created for this purpose, including exploits – a highly dangerous type of threat which uses glitches in the code of the operating system or popular applications to infect your computer. Standard antivirus technologies may detect such threats, but their efficacy is often limited, especially when unknown or yet unpatched loopholes – so-called zero-day vulnerabilities – are exploited. Kaspersky Lab’s Automatic Exploit Prevention technology provides a truly effective protection: it scans the OS and user-installed programs for unpatched vulnerabilities, and monitors unusual behavior to deliver timely alerts and prevent anything untoward from happening.

Last but not least, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 is completely compatible with Windows 8 and the new security technologies it incorporates. They work together to combat infections and counter complex malicious programs, such as rootkits.