Make your digital life easier with Kaspersky solutions

Life has made a dramatic shift online in 2020. Our solutions will help you avoid unnecessary stress in the new reality.

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As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, self-isolation, closed borders, and a host of other restrictions, this year has unexpectedly catapulted us into a future where virtual life is no less saturated with activity (it may be even more so) than real life.

The old question of what to do online has faded into obscurity. Now, in 2020, absolutely everything is happening on the Internet. And another question has now come to the fore: How can we make using the Internet as comfortable and convenient as possible? After all, right now we are dealing with enough stress without having to overcome technical problems as well.

Our products can help you avoid unnecessary annoyances and make your online life easier. Let’s explore how you can equip your Digital Comfort Zone with them.

Security comes first with Kaspersky solutions

The Internet has always been full of danger, and the danger certainly hasn’t declined. After all, people are spending much more time online these days, and scammers have naturally taken full advantage. In the spring of 2020, the number of attacks on both entertainment sites and work resources increased.

It’s no fun fretting about the risk of losing money or, worse, your job as the possible results of making careless mistakes on the Internet. Our security solutions can save you from that headache. Even if you accidentally click through to a phishing site or download a suspicious file, our antivirus software will block it.

Kaspersky Total Security: No more worries about data backups

Another pain point plagues every member of the digital world: backing up files. We all have files — personal and work-related — that are not only private, but also important. You need a secure but inaccessible place to store those documents, and it has to be invulnerable, because whether files go missing as a result of ransomware, another malicious outside element, or the notorious, always unpredictable “user error,” you still need to get them back.

To make important documents easy to recover in case something happens, storing backup copies is imperative. Moreover, you need to make regular backups to ensure you’ll have up-to-date versions, which means either regularly dedicating hours to the task or using an automated solution.

Kaspersky Total Security, in addition to its protective functions, automatically makes backups. You can set it and forget it, ensuring your files will be safe.

Safe Money for online shopping

This year, even those who normally prefer to shop in person have started to use online stores. However, with cybercriminals on the hunt for card data and online store accounts, shopping on the Internet requires another layer of protection.

Our Safe Money feature, included in our flagship products Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security, and Kaspersky Security Cloud, protects your payment data by establishing a secure container within your browser to protect transactions from phishing, man-in-the-middle, and other attacks.

Kaspersky Secure Connection is always protecting your data

Your financial data is not the only thing that needs protection. Basically all data that you transmit over the Internet is vulnerable — an especially important issue when you work, communicate, and attend events remotely. Whether you’re discussing trade secrets or personal issues, no one else needs to know about any of your business.


Your home network is usually accessible to you and your housemates alone, and your employer is responsible for keeping your network at work safe. But with the gradual lifting of restrictions, we have begun to use Wi-Fi networks more at cafés and parks, where, alas, spies can intercept your data.

Thanks to our VPN feature, Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, you can connect without worrying about spies. Our solution protects your data regardless of the network you are connected to. If the connection is unstable, the paid version of the solution uses the Kill Switch feature to block all transmission of data until protection kicks in.

Private Browsing prevents websites from tracking you

Internet users face constant monitoring by websites, search engines, analytics services, and social networks. Everyone wants to get to know you better to improve their ad targeting. Interest in your behavior is not necessarily dangerous, but it can be annoying.

Our solutions shield you from the unwanted attention of website trackers. The Private Browsing feature blocks all kinds of trackers, which are the tools that companies use to follow your online activity. As a result, they will know less about you and be unable to bother (or tempt) you with personalized ads.

Kaspersky Password Manager: No more password worries

The more online services we use, the more logins and passwords we have — and the difficulty of remembering account information is nothing compared with the hassle of forgetting it and going through a reset.

Many users try to solve the password problem by using the same one everywhere. In practice, the approach often leads to dire consequences: one account leak and attackers can hack the rest as well.

There is no need to risk the above scenario; Kaspersky Password Manager will remember all of your passwords for you. Also, our solution will tell you which passwords are not reliable enough and suggest a replacement for them.

Security News: Forewarned is forearmed

Sometimes failures in website or application security cause leaks, and there is almost nothing you can do about it. We say “almost” nothing because even after a leak, you can still change a password for a compromised account. In fact, that’s something that you must do, and the faster you act, the better.
As a rule, when a leak becomes known, news outlets publish articles about the security breach. However, constantly monitoring a thousand and one publications for such events would be nearly impossible.

At the same time, services usually inform account holders if their accounts have been compromised. But a number of forces — spam filters, e-mail overload — may conspire against your reading every message about your every account.

The Security News notifications Kaspersky Security Cloud issues promptly inform you about leaks that are specifically relevant to you — in your region, potentially affecting your accounts.

Moreover, Kaspersky Security Cloud automatically looks for the e-mail addresses that you use to log in to your accounts. If any of them is involved in a breach, the protection service will immediately inform you about it.

Gaming mode for protection without interference

In gaming, performance — speed and reliability — are critical, whether you’re firing up an old favorite to take the edge off or competing in global tournaments. Also, cybercriminals are very interested in exploiting games. Whichever way you look at it, gamers need strong cyberprotection.

That’s why our solutions offer Gaming mode for the protection of data without gameplay interference. Recently, a gamer even set a new world record for the fastest run of Doom Eternal, with Kaspersky Internet Security running on his gaming rig. Thanks to Gaming mode, the performance impact was so light that the player was able to rush through the whole game in just over an hour.

Kaspersky Safe Kids: Keeping children safe

Just like adults, children are spending much more time online in 2020. They use the Internet to study, communicate, and have fun. It is impossible to track their online life 24/7. After all, parents also have their own things to do. But if you leave children completely unattended, you never know what they may get themselves into, or who they may encounter.

Kaspersky Safe Kids protects kids from inappropriate content, and it warns the adults in charge about attempts to access adult content. The updated version of Kaspersky Safe Kids now includes a YouTube Safe Search feature, which filters questionable searches on one of the world’s largest video hosting sites.

Kaspersky solutions don’t need much from you

As you can see, setting up a Digital Comfort Zone is both simple and useful — and it is not difficult, either. To make safe computing even easier for you, we have added two particularly useful applications, Kaspersky Password Manager and Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, to the latest versions of our flagship security solutions.

You can download the latest versions of our products at the following links: